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Sloe-wine Vinegar

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Sloe wine vinegar

Using hand picked Sloes harvested after the first frosts of the year to ensure peak sweetness and the perfect natural balance of fruit sugars and tannin

Theyre mashed using as little added water as possible and turned into Wine, with the fruits left in for the full length of the fermentation to extract the maximum flavour.

The Wine’s then fermented to Vinegar using even more Sloes in the process

And the Vinegar’s left to naturally settle and mature before bottling.

It’s not quick process.

Its reassuringly Sloe.

6% acidity

Vegan friendly and gluten free with no sulphites or preservatives

and no added chemicals, colourings or flavourings

available in 150ml and 50 ml sample sized bottles

Original artwork taken from

by Sue Graham

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Weight 400 g

150ml, sample