Clayden’s is a Yorkshire Dales based micro brewery specialising in a wild and unique range of Great British Vinegar

Our aim is to highlight and preserve the seasonal abundance of local wild flavours we have available on our doorstep.

We believe hand-gathered local ingredients are better for us and the environment.

We use no chemicals, flavourings or preservatives and all our Vinegars are live and unpasteurised.

We don’t rush, our Vinegars are given all the time they need to reach absolute perfection.

Every bottle has its own story and theyre all fermented from scratch

right here in the North Yorkshire Dales

We think the flavour of a Vinegar should be the main ingredient in the Vinegar

To achieve this we start by brewing strong and pure Wines with wild and natural ingredients.

We ferment our Wines whole leaving them ‘on the pulp’ to mature and infuse for as long as they need, sometimes years.

Time is everything.

Each Wine is properly rested, matured and naturally settled before being fermented again to Vinegar
& every Vinegar is aged to perfection before being bottled.

The whole process takes years,
with no shortcuts and no added chemicals, flavourings or preservatives.

We make raw, unpasteurised, gluten free and Vegan friendly
really wild Vinegar

(and also gummy bears for some reason)

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