Rock Samphire 5.5°


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Rock Samphire Vinegar

Unfiltered and unpasteurised, raw Vinegar with “the Mother”

Rock Samphire and vinegar go hand in hand and together they have a long history of use on these Isles. Pickled Rock Samphire was even mentioned by Shakespeare in ‘King Lear’ !

We’ve used fresh Rock Samphire to create this vinegar. Mashed and fermented first to wine then to vinegar and afterwards infused with even more fresh Rock Samphire to really double down on that unique flavour.

5.5% acidity

Vegan friendly and gluten free with no sulphites or preservatives

and no added chemicals, colourings or flavourings

available in 150ml and 50ml bottles

original artwork taken from
‘Walking the blue fields’

by Sue Graham

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Weight 400 g

150ml, sample