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Elderflower Wine Vinegar

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Elderflower wine vinegar

Unfiltered and unpasteurised, raw vinegar with “the Mother”

Every June we handpick thousands of tiny honey scented Elderflowers and use them to brew a wine that’s matured all Summer long before being pressed and fermented again in traditional Oak barrels. Every drop is naturally settled and fully matured before bottling.

Perfect for dressings or pickles and lovely on fish and chips. Its a great (and strong) all rounder

10% acidity

Vegan friendly and gluten free with no sulphites or preservatives

and no added chemicals, colourings or flavourings

available in 150 and 250ml and 50ml bottles

original artwork taken from
‘Sheep in the Orchard’
by Sue Graham

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Weight 400 g

150ml, 250ml, sample