Blackberry, Elderberry & Rosehip


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50ml taster versions of our Blackberry, Elderberry & Rosehip Vinegars

Along with a free pack of Gummy Bears !

Blackberry and Apple Vinegar- This was created first as a pure Wine and then as a pure Vinegar too.
Infact Blackberry Vinegar was the reason I make Vinegar.
Firstly because I had never and still have never (until now) seen a Blackberry Vinegar that was actually made from Blackberries and not just flavoured with them.
So when I made a pure Blackberry Wine and realised it was truly delicious I knew exactly what I had to do.
This is a 5% acid Vinegar which has been post sweetened with a little ‘English apple concentrate’ because the original is super astringent. So much so that it might just frighten people!
However if you think you would prefer the dry original just let me know and I’ll arrange that.

Rosehip Vinegar- This was first created as a Rosehip heavy Wine in the autumn of 2017.
This sweet, round dessert style Vinegar has spent the last 2 years maturing and naturally clearing just waiting for its moment to shine. 4.5% acid

Elderberry Vinegar- The story of Elderberry could be the same as the Blackberry.
I mean how often do you see Elderberry Vinegar that’s actually brewed from actual Elderberry Wine?
This Vinegar takes it a step further by being brewed from a pure Elderberry Wine, No water involved !
Again this vinegar has been moderately post sweetened with a “bittersweet British Apple concentrate blend” however if you would rather the original thats no problem, just let me know.

As always these Vinegars are all live, unpasteurised and unfiltered too.

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